• Image of KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS - Magick Crystal Wand Lemurian Quartz Labradorite Pagan Wiccan Altar Art
  • Image of KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS - Magick Crystal Wand Lemurian Quartz Labradorite Pagan Wiccan Altar Art
  • Image of KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS - Magick Crystal Wand Lemurian Quartz Labradorite Pagan Wiccan Altar Art
  • Image of KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS - Magick Crystal Wand Lemurian Quartz Labradorite Pagan Wiccan Altar Art
  • Image of KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS - Magick Crystal Wand Lemurian Quartz Labradorite Pagan Wiccan Altar Art

Introducing a new ritual tool addition by Spinning Castle: Magic Crystal Wands made with a fossil Ice Age Bison metacarpal! This leg bone fossil is from the last Ice Age and was discovered in USA. These newest Spinning Castle creations are perfect for those with a Buffalo totem. Each wand is completely unique and handmade by me, Susan Tooker, in my Secret Lair!

KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS features a large 5.5 inch Lemurian Quartz Crystal that has a significant key formation on the front of the crystal. In addition to the main crystal are two flashing Labradorites and a Merlinite cabochon. Surrounded by spirals and leaves, the sculpting is enhanced with Swarovski gems. Antiqued with metallic gold and burgundy paint, 3 layers of clear coat was then applied. The adorned handle is a wonderfully textured Ice Age Bison fossil that is over 10,000 years old and a fantastic specimen! KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS truly feels substantial and amazing in the palm of your hand!

KEY TO THE FAERIE LANDS measures approximately 16 inches from tip to tip.

LEMURIAN QUARTZ CRYSTAL is considered to be one of the "Master Crystals." Lemurian Quartz Crystals teach oneness, reminding us that while we are all individuals, we are also connected to each other, and that we are all equal in Spirit. Lemurian Quartz Crystals help us maintain our connection to Spirit, aiding spiritual evolution, and have been used successfully in dream work. Lemurian Quartz crystals are a wonderful tool to use when clearing and activating the Chakras. An amazing healing crystal, Lemurian Quartz will assist in removing all types of energy blockages. Use a Lemurian Quartz Crystal for healing and meditation work. Lemurian Quartz Crystals were originally found in Brazil. Lemurian Crystals have a distinct appearance. Look carefully at a Lemurian Crystal and you will see horizontal striations or grooves, like “bar codes,” on one or more sides. Commonly, the sides of a Lemurian Crystal will have alternating striated and smooth faces. Lemurian Quartz Crystals are often found in the shape of a Laser wand, where the faces at the tip of a Lemurian Crystal are small and gently taper in size from base to tip.

KEY crystal formations assist in uncovering hidden information, concealed information. They are also used to uncover and heal the part of the self that tend to be secret. Key crystals are used metaphysically to solve problems, discover keys to healing wounded aspects of the self, and answer difficult questions. Using a key crystal in meditation can bring the calm of healing the difficult to acknowledge secrets of the self as well as find the way to greater spiritual growth.

LABRADORITE is a considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation and magic. It is said to clear, balance and protect the aura. It is purported to help provide clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as attract success. It is used in metaphysics for dream recall, and finding ways to use dreams in daily life. Mystically, energies of stress and anxiety are said to be reduced by labradorite. Labradorite is said to increase intuition, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, help with subconscious issues, and provide mental illumination.

MERLINITE is a stone of duality. This is a stone that attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life and it may also take you to places where you make contact with the deeper, darker parts of yourself. The vibration of this stone is very shamanistic as it allows you to access the energy of the natural world and communicate with elementals. It is said to conjure the memories of alchemists and wizards such as the wizard Merlin from Arthurian times. It is a stone that stimulates deep intuition, psychic knowing and spiritual mediumship. It a stone of harmony that aids the birth of creativity and clear psychic visions, and it will aid you to access higher spiritual energy and to make contact with guides and teachers in the higher realms. But it is not only a stone for the light as it may allow you to experience 'dark night of the soul' aspects of your higher-self. This stone currently comes from only one mine in New Mexico. It is a variety of Dendritic Opal and sometimes has an opalescent sheen. It may contain a blend of white quartz, black dendritic inclusions and black Psilomelane depending on the individual stone. Merlinite is black and white, although its black color ranges from dark grey to bluish-black.

BUFFALO TOTEM equals Prayer and Abundance. Those who have a Buffalo totem must walk a sacred path, honoring every walk of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Great Spirit
and you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts. A Buffalo totem will seek to help you establish a deep connection to Mother Earth and it will ask you to help the endangered species of our planet. He will bring you strength of character and an independent spirit.

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...Lovingly handmade in My Secret Lair...
© copyright Susan Tooker
Spinning Castle Studios, 2017.
Photographs by Susan Tooker

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